Mad One Jacks Supports Local Artists

Mad One Jack’s is a proud supporter of local artists, so each quarter the shop features new artwork by a different local artist, and the vibe of the shop changes with each install.

Our clients love seeing new artwork when they visit – it makes for good conversation, supports local artists, and results in a win/win/win for the salon, clients and the artists.

Most recently we’ve been collaborating with local artist and curator, Blu, and her gallery Doll Haus II in Bayonne, and holding exhibits in the shop.

(NOTE:  Art is for sale by the artists – Mad One Jack’s does not take a commission, or payment if there is a sale.  See Sales Contact info below).

Current Artist:  MARINA M


With over 20 new paintings Marina M is a contemporary outsider artist whose pop portraits are full of punk culture and iconic pop and fashion personalities.

Marina M’s paintings clearly show how she is mesmerized by the classic Golden and Silver Age comics in terms of simple lines, bold colors and fantastic worlds on each panel.

Her paintings are entranced by classic animation from the 1930s to the 1960s, even taking inspiration from backgrounds of the animated Spider-Man series (particularly the Ralph Bakshi-directed second and third seasons with the jazzy/psychedelic backgrounds and music.)

Sales Contact: Emma-Louise – – 201.360.0894

Amy Winehouse

Debbie Harry

Soo Catwoman